9 rules to excel in business

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We thought we would spend some time getting to the essence of entrepreneurship. We consulted the best entrepreneurial coaches out there and came up with the following essential principles to diligently live by every waking second of your business mindset life.

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How to excel in business

Table of Contents

We thought we would spend some time getting to the essence of entrepreneurship. We consulted the best entrepreneurial coaches out there and came up with the following essential principles to diligently live by every waking second of your business mindset life.

Define your target audience

Really get to the exact type of individuals you want to attract. There’s no use in targeting just about anyone. Figure out who you want to serve, define your ideal avatar. Next, get in front of these people. Use tactics like facebook, linkedin, instagram, youtube, email, paid ads, press releases, blogs,.. You will be able to bring more valuable content to the people that will help you evolve, improve and bring your work to the next level.

Filter even further to your best users

Once you have your ideal audience’s attention, find the ones that most likely would appreciate and understand the first version of your idea. Who are the people that would use your service? You want to find people who fit your scope, and others who won’t benefit from your service. Filtering will help you to create the right audience.

Keep it consistent

You really want to be able to delay gratification . This means being willing to put in the work now with the knowledge that it might take three months to six months or two years to bring you the success you’re after. Taking the long view will make you differ from the rest. Because your marketplace is so thoroughly connected, you want to deliver the highest quality, and you have to be harmonious.

Use different sources of traffic, don’t rely on only one media to reach your audience. This will make you dependent and will severely limit your possibilities.

Congruent with taking the long term approach is taking baby steps. The most essential thing is having a clear cut strategy and reaching it day by day. But you do need to get started, don’t be too perfectionist with your website, service, outreach. Creating room for trial and error is the only way to continuously improve your service. This is also fitting with forcing yourself to figure out how to get at least some revenue happening as quickly as possible

Valuable relationships and meaningful connections are the backbone and essence of your business.

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In the long run your business in terms of traffic is largely driven through joint ventures. Through having partners who will drive your traffic. Spend a large amount of time building relationships with people. And keep in mind that your relationship with your list is just as important as the size of your list. Remember to continue building your connections. And always interact as a human and not via a company outreach.

Identify your unique strengths and virtues

Figure out what makes you special. Go very deep to get to your core skills and virtues. This necessarily means knowing what you love to do and do best. Really pinpoint your own set of natural talents and passions. This not only will motivate you the most but it will also bring you to the work you were meant to be doing all along. The only way to do this is to be completely focused, no interruptions, nothing. Just sitting still asking questions, writing down until you figured them out.
When you know them it’s all about strengthening them to bring us the possibility of achieving extraordinary results.
  • Excelling skill: This is something you really excel at. You absolutely love doing it and people value you for it.
  • Hard core motivation: This is something you absolutely love doing even if you frequently do it for free as it doesn’t seem like real work to you.
  • Energy giving: Using your special skill not only gives you a lot creative freedom and energy it also gives other people energy because people pick up on your higher vibrations while doing or talking about it.
  • You don’t want to stop getting better at it: You already excel at it but you feel the need to keep on working and studying to improve even more.

This falls perfectly in line with keeping Investing in yourself. So, spend a lot of time, energy, and money on your skills and knowledge. Knowing your special gift and passion and investing in it will bring you to higher places using this gift as your guide.

A good place to get started is asking ten people that know you, to tell you about your unique capabilities.

Always focus on giving and offering without focusing on the rewards.

Invest a lot of time in relationships and helping before you ask for anything. Your job is to deliver a great product and a great experience. Create a large fanbase, people who want to return to buy from you over and over. They will only deliver your message to others if you create massive value for them.

Be selective with projects

You only have that many ressources, energy and time available, so make sure you spend it on the project worth pursuing. Develop a functional compass to differentiate between the ones you should go after, and the ones that will only end up taking away your valuable time and energy.

Develop your love of learning

Acquire an insatiable drive to learn. Read a lot of books, articles, posts, spend time doing new courses and learning new skills. This goes hand in hand with surrounding yourself with inspiring mentors, coaches and role models. Harness the power of collective intelligence and join a mastermind group now or start one yourself.

The fundamental importance of developing an abundance mindset

This will leave you feeling excited, motivated, and ready for action every single day. Holding a scarcity mindset is believing that everything necessary for future progress is scarce or running out. This mindset will definitely bring you envy, guilt, and anger. Considering that our world is not made out of scarcity will take you out of debilitating beliefs. An abundance mindset will propel you forward and help you achieve the growth you desire. The benefits that spring from an abundance mindsets are gratefulness, creativity and cooperation. Always be in the state of seeing endless opportunity.


Following, strengthening and upholding these principles will definitely not disappoint you. We’ve put them in a visual attractive box to make sure you will remember and live by them!

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Filter even further
  3. Work hard!
  4. Create Valuable relationships and meaningful connections
  5. Identify your unique strengths and virtues
  6. Always focus on giving
  7. Be selective with projects
  8. Develop your love of learning
  9. Enhance your abundance mindset

“If we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were to look back over those three years to today, what has to have happened, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy about your progress?”

Dan Sullivan

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9 rules to excel in business

We thought we would spend some time getting to the essence of entrepreneurship. We consulted the best entrepreneurial coaches out there and came up with the following essential principles to diligently live by every waking second of your business mindset life.

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