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What to think about when writing content marketing material. Here is a short overview on the essentials of content writing.

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Love it how it feels when writing amazing content

Table of Contents

Create the perfect heading

An essential key point is to spend a reasonable amount of time in creating the perfect headline, your title. Writing a good headline is key to attracting people to read your content. Catchy titles are essential when creating digital content. It’s always good to A/B test different titles, see which one gets the most response, ask friends which title they prefer.
Next, the intro, when creating the intro think of it as setting up a hook. For instance, here is the formula I use to get 1000 followers per day. By hooking people, they will want to read more. Explain readers what will be covered in your post, put this in your intro in the most desiring way. Ideally you want readers to leave a comment.

The body

After this, work on the body (of your text). Use sub headings in your body to make it easy for readers to skim the text. Make sure your paragraphs are not more or less than ⅚ lines.
In general, it’s wise to link out to other sites, this could help with establishing more credibility and authority in your field. Always useful to write them an email kindly asking them to share your content. Always great to create new valuable connections and spread the love.

The conclusion

Lastly, the conclusion, make sure you have one and that it is indeed called “conclusion” people consciously and unconsciously look for a conclusion whenever they start reading content. Research shows people scroll down many times in search of the conclusion. So make one and make sure it provokes engagement and curiosity. Also end your piece with a question, you want people to see your content valuable enough to take out the time and leave you a comment, always good for authority, SEO, connection creation and general good times!

You as the writer

An expert communicator can build trust and loyalty while engaging readers.
You want to be able to create valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined group of people to create meaningful interactions and also attract money to the business you are writing for.

To do this it is advisable to understand the strategies of content marketing and why it matters. Another valuable advice is to find your niche of expertise. But before you do this it’s always good to learn enough about content creation before you to commit to your niche of expertise. And how do you find your niche of expertise? A good start is looking back at your previous experiences and pinpointing what you absolutely enjoy doing.

Know your worth

Make sure you are not underselling your services, check out leading websites to see what the usual rates are for your line of work. A good idea is to see how much you can do in an hour, and call it a fixed rate. At this point in time you can charge 100$ per 500 words. Content writing gets paid more in industries such as law or accounting.

Build a brand

You will be happy you created a brand out of your previous writing experiences after a couple of years. Demonstrate what you can do, build a portfolio, ask for testimonials, create your own domain website. You’ll get more authority, clients and you are basically setting yourself up for a lifetime of credibility and consistent ways of income.

6 Essential and critical styles of content writing

These 6 critical content types should work together like a healthy ecosystem if you want to manifest a powerful inbound lead generation.
Let’s break these 6 up into 3 formats and 3 tools:


Web pages
Blog post
E-book/ lead magnet


Lead forms
Conversational aps/ chats

Aim to create AMAZING content

Whatever you are writing make sure you are creating AMAZING CONTENT
amazing content is a conscious choice. Your piece of content should educate, entertain, or inspire your readers and followers; it is content that gets conversions. It is content that people look forward to, something they expect and want to read every single week.

Let’s focus a little bit more on what to do about blog posts.

What about BLOG posts?

Start your blog by looking up the terms people use in google search concerning your topic.

You can always Identify potential keywords that you should consider by using Google’s Keyword Planner and Soovle, which provide examples of what keyword phrases people use when they search.

It’s great if you can create a header set for your title, this will catch your reader’s attention and put it in memory. Use Call to actions everywhere and for different purposes, such as one for downloading an Ebook, another CTA at the bottom page, like a form. Also, when creating a form make sure you give people various items to choose between to narrow down who they are and what they need. This will greatly increase the chances of people actually filling in your forms. Also put the form in your website menu.

Also, put in a Live chat, make sure people can connect with you directly when they are reading your content.


This was a very short overview of what content writing is and what terminology is used in the world of digital marketing. 

What we remember:

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