In this post we will explore what a sales-funnel is, how it works, how to create it with Elementor Pro and how to connect it to analytical tools so that you can start right away with setting up ideal sales funnels.

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How to design Sales Funnels with Elementor Pro?


In this post we will explore what a sales-funnel is, how it works, how to create it with Elementor Pro and how to connect it to analytical tools so that you can start right away with setting up ideal sales funnels. 

Why should you use a sales funnel?


A sales funnel helps you to understand and visualize the different phases a potential customer is in.

The whole marketing strategy consists of getting a lot of people aware of your product and service and convert them to actually buying it.

People in different stages of the funnel need to land on different pages on your website.

You want to reach each person with the right information depending on which level of the funnel they’re in.

This process model is called ‘a funnel’ because of the way it looks on paper:

   Top of the funnel – We start with a large number of viewers, that get an initial awareness at the beginning.

   Middle of the funnel – Going further in the funnel, the number decreases to the number of people who remain interested.

   Bottom of the funnel – This number decreases again, to the number of people who are now considering to take you up on your product, before decreasing once more into a group of people who will actually take action and purchase your product.

So, as a business you should think of different strategies to reach people in various awareness levels instead of focusing on only one strategy. With experience and practice you will be able to create elaborate sales funnels with increasing complexity and therefore more conversion power. With Elementor this learning process will be much more easier.


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How to get started?

The best thing to do is to start with running an A/B test, on two ideas to see which works best. So you will need the following:

  • 2 Elementor Landing pages, each with a slight variation.
  • An Elementor Popup with a subscription form
  • And a Thank-You page, also built in Elementor.

We will show you how to set up a sales funnels with the example of a Health Coach

For the 2Elementor Landing pages we will use this instant design:

Home 1, for the two landing pages

Health Coach – Work With Me 3, for the Thank-You page

And lastly create a Health Coach – Popup

Now, You will need to connect the buttons on the two landing pages to the popup. Then connect the form on the popup to the Thank-You page and the email account with Active Campaign.

How to Connect Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics & Google Optimize?

Google Tag Manager can connect to your site to a multitude of other services like Google Analytics and Optimize, it will keep your tags organized and prevent any conflicts and site-loading issues. First, connect Google Tag Manager to your site using the Duracell Tomi plugin. Second, connect Google Analytics and Google Optimize to Google Tag Manager. Now set up a goal in Google Analytics, to monitor the number of redirects to the Thank-You page from each landing page, and connect your Analytics’ goal to an experience in Google Optimize.

A/B Testing and Optimizing Your WordPress Funnel

Now you only have to test your experiment:

  • Activate the Tag Assistant extension in your Chrome browser.
  • Preview one of the Landing Pages, and click the button to activate the popup.
  • Open the Tag assistant and make sure that you have 2 working tags there.
  • Enter an email into the popup and click subscribe. Check your email platform account to verify that the email addresses are registering on the list you set up.

That’s it! Now just wait and see what your website users are doing.
Do be patient! Reliable information takes time. Once you start growing your list, you can use marketing software like HubSpot to get them to connect with you even more and eventually convert them into clients.

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