13 reasons why to get WordPress

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In this post, we will set out the reasons why a Wordpress based website could be better for your business than a DIY website.

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13 reasons why to choose WordPress?

Table of Contents

In this post we will compare DIY websites and a WordPress based website on the following features:

  • Interface
  • Design and Layout
  • Uniqueness
  • Ownership
  • Plugins
  • Blogs
  • E-commerce
  • Migrating
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Optimization
  • Support
  • Cost

What about the interface? Which one is easier to use?

DIY websites are definitely very easy to use, just a simple drop & drag editor and all the tools are very simple to find, understand and use. This being said, with a WordPress website it is very easy to install the free Elementor/ Editor. And once you have done this, editing your site will be just as easy and even more enjoyable than using a DIY website editor.
If you are a smart business owner you would use WordPress because it offers you greater flexibility and professionality. There is a big misconception that WordPress is difficult to use. This is clearly not the case and you will find using WordPress is fun and easy and the possibilities are limitless.
While editing your site, WordPress? Elementor shows the changes you make to your front-end design in real-time. That means basic HTML/CSS knowledge is not required to customize your chosen theme. If you don’t have any coding skills, editing your site will be effortless.

What about Design and Layout?

A WordPress site will enhance your brand recognition and uniqueness. Using a DIY website will not! Because there are a lot of other customers all using the same website templates.
Both Wix and WordPress can be used to set up a working website without knowledge of code, but there are clearly more benefits of using a WordPress website.

First, DIY websites add their branded advertisements on the top and bottom of your website. Second, you cannot use a custom domain name for your site, so your website address will be: username.DIY(WIX).com/ site name, instead of your own business name.

Apart from that, the basic plan of most DIY websites does not offer necessary add-ons such as Google Analytics, Favicons, eCommerce, etc. To remove ads and get additional features from their apps market you will need to pay extra.

With a WordPress you need to buy your own domain name and web hosting to install it. But this is easy to do and will cost you less in the long run. There are several WordPress hosting providers that you can choose from. See our post on why we believe FastComet is the best out there.

While Wix and other DIY websites offer plenty of customizable templates, WordPress simply provides a lot more in this category. WordPress has thousands of customizable themes to choose from, WordPress has unlimited possibilities when it comes to customizing your design. With WordPress, you can change your theme whenever you want to. DIY websites will not provide you with this option. Once you have chosen your theme you’re basically stuck with it forever.

When you have your DIY website, there will be a large ad that explains the website was created with WIX or another DIY website. This can dramatically lower your management rate and brand awareness. Customer trust is so important and using a cheap site, will create a sense of cheapness in the customers mind because they know you didn’t care to invest much in your website.

Your clients will see these ads and know that you created your website for free. You probably wouldn’t trust a company that functions with a free website.

A WordPress based website will make your online presence definitely unique

Wix currently has over 90 million users and 500 designer-made templates. This number may seem like a lot but with over 90 million users these templates are also going to get used a lot. So, even though you may think your website looks pretty good, there are a lot of other people with that exact same template. And this is definitely not a good thing.

With WordPress on the other hand you can choose between many more functions. Self-hosted WordPress sites come with an administrative dashboard that provides access to the tools needed to install a theme, make customizations, compose a page or post, and add any plugins needed for added features. The possibilities are so much more vast! WordPress has just such a larger range of themes and design layouts than Wix. You can also easily switch themes or customize them as much as you want without any restrictions whatsoever.

With Wix One you cannot change the theme once it’s set. Doing so will mean you have to fill your template with content and images from scratch. There are plenty of design options which can be seen on the left sidebar menu in Wixs’ editor: Video boxes, lists and grids, shapes and text boxes but the possibilities are severely limited compared to WordPress.

No ownership; no domain, no hosting

With DIY websites you don’t own your domain or choose your hosting company. This is absolutely not good for branding.

Wix is known for being cheap, but you own nothing for yourself. The domain, the template or even the content. People will feel that your business is not professional if you are using a domain like xxx.wix.com.

They make it easy to jump right in, create an internet page and post it. But before you do, you want to stop and consider your long term online presence.


WordPress is easily much better than Wix in this area as well. Even though Wix’s app library is growing, it is still limited in comparison to the huge choice available when using a WordPress site.

With over 50,000 plugins to choose from, WordPress clearly delivers. Wix has a growing number of secure and professionally designed apps, but WordPress offers thousands more to meet your customized needs.


Blogging is definitely better on a WordPress site. The DIY website blogs are too basic and lack several important features. WordPress was actually built as a blogging platform, and when it comes to blogging, it just offers so much more than Wix.

They both allow you to create stunning blogs, but WordPress is clearly a better one, it includes everything the others have to offer and so much more.

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WordPress + WooCommerce will be your ideal choice If you want to build a proper online store and be ready for growth. Because it offers much more flexibility, freedom, and choices when compared to Wix/ DIY websites
Using Wix, you can create a decent online store to sell a few things online, but it will not present you as a classy online business. WordPress, combined with the powerful WooCommerce plugin is definitely the way to go if you do want to be considered as a valuable and professional E-commerce business. You can easily create an impressive, fully functional online business using WordPress and will inspire you to enhance your designs.


When you want to download and move your data, having a WordPress site will surely make this very easy. Wix, on the other hand, makes it quite difficult to move your content away. This means that once your business outgrows Wix, you have nowhere to go.

Because Wix is a hosted platform, its developers maintain control over all the available tools and applications, so users can’t import outside tools from other sources. Once you choose a template, you’re stuck with it.

When you develop your website using Wix you have no place to go – they host your website and you can’t go elsewhere. You cannot migrate your WIX data elsewhere easily. So, imagine you get lucky and your website is performing well and you want to add features to it that the DIY websites don’t support, or want a major overhaul. You will have to start from scratch again. 

Essentially you’ve outgrown your website. If this happens it is very difficult to move your content away from a DIY website. With a WordPress based website you can keep all your content and apply another theme, or a customized theme. Your website will look completely different but you don’t have to re-enter your content. So remember to factor in that potential cost in the future.


As far as SEO is concerned we recommend WordPress for SEO. One of the reasons is because it has integrated features dedicated to ranking on google.
When looking at the long term WordPress is the better option. This means search engines (such as Google) will be able to crawl each page of your website efficiently which helps to get your website indexed in their database. This can enhance user experience, get more people to your website, convert visitors into customers because they found you online, it can also decrease your advertising budget, increase credibility and brand awareness.

A good website speed is essential. Having a fast website will increase user engagement and search engine optimization. Wix.com and other DIY site building websites host your website on a shared server with thousands of other users. This will diminish the speed of your own website. It will result in lost customers and bad user experience.


WordPress is a very secure website platform. However, an issue can arise due to a plugin or theme installed on your system. Luckily, you can quickly secure your site using a WordPress Security Plugin. With WordPress, it’s a good idea to examine your plugins and themes regularly. This is however not that difficult to do. And if you don’t have the time to perform regular checks on your site, you can always consider going for a WordPress maintenance service.

With a DIY website it may seem totally secure but there are many people on a single server so it could be dangerous security-wise. If someone were to hack one of these servers, it may compromise every customer hosted on that server.

What about the possibilities of optimization?

A successful website should always be in the process of optimisation. You want to be constantly looking for ways to increase engagement using A/B testing and user flow testing. 

When you create a simple Wix website you just don’t have this ability or freedom to do any of this. You will only have a static website that is not growing or evolving which can be detrimental to your business.

Is it easy to get support?

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We still prefer WordPress over a DIY website even in this regard. There is so much support to be found through forums, tutorials, and websites devoted to the workings of WordPress.

What about the costs involved?

WordPress beats Wix with flexible plans available from a variety of web hosting companies. The cost depends on how much resources you use, and you are free to use your WordPress site in any way you want. With WordPress, you can choose from a variety of hosting providers, and you have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to picking paid themes and plugins.

If you want to construct a basic website yourself, WordPress would undoubtedly be the better option when it comes to costs. WordPress itself is free to download and install – and you can set up an entire site nearly for free with a basic hosting package and free themes and plugins from the official WordPress directories.

DIY site builders for instance only offer limited pages unless you pay more. Wix offers a single page for their lowest website plan. This is horrible in so many different ways. A website should never be only one page. To engage and sell the customer, you must have an authoritative website with more than one single page

Wix Isn’t actually free. It May Be More Expensive Than You Think!
True that the base offering is free. It’s a very effective sales technique that attracts a lot of people. With the free plans, you will have Wix branding on your site, and the little icon shown in the browser bar will be a Wix logo. You also can’t add in Google Analytics tracking until you start paying more. So, you might have a nice looking website but not necessarily a functioning one.


If you want to have a website with basic features or an online store, then you can go for a DIY website. However, if you want to go far with your website, then WordPress is the most superior choice.

Because you can easily change themes, hosting providers, get access to thousands of plugins, including site builders. You can create fully functional and stunning online stores and get a host of features that are not available with Wix. You can accomplish so much more with WordPress over the long run and it will be cheaper.

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