Seas the Day

Farm & Eco-Lab

Longevity Lifestyle Learning Lab

The Idea

A community for commercial, performing and visual arts

focused on a sustainable lifestyle

Seas the Day is building the very first longevity lifestyle learning lab.
Combining sustainable design, permaculture farming, and functional medicine, with health and wellness modalities that create thriving individuals is our mission. 

This is a place of authentic healing that gets to the root of the problem and sends its visitors home on their own personal road to vitality.


A tranquil refuge under the jungle canopy awaits you at Seas the Day

restore yourself and enjoy

Seas the Day events

FEB 16 - 24TH | Envision Festival 2020 off-site campground

Feb 24 - 26th | Permie paradise post-festival integration event

We provide creative jungle chic glamping & more at the Seas the Day pop-up village

Accommodations at Seas the Day include showers, toilets, simple, healthy food, informal gatherings, and encounters that will introduce you to a ground-breaking sustainability community that is currently forming.


On 26 lush acres, around the bend from downtown Uvita. 

Only 10 minutes from the entrance to Envision.


A shady riverside refuge for decompression within a permaculture farm


February 16-26, 2020, the day before, during, and three days after Envision Festival

Permie Paradise

A visionary round table and seminar series about 
how to change the world. Join us for two full days of programming with local experts, nature immersion,
and optional excursions perfect for integrating
Envision Festival vibes. 


7 Day Envision Camping

$ 495
  • 8 Nights at Seas the Day
  • Sleeps 1-2

4 Day Envision Camping

$ 475
  • 5 Nights at Seas the Day
  • Sleeps 1-2

BYO Tent or Hammock

$ 40
  • Per Night
  • Per Person

Permie Paradise

$ 275
  • 2 Nights
  • Per Person

the big picture

We are building an intergenerational mixed use, eco-friendly, contemplative community in Uvita, Costa Rica. The pilot phase of this project will form the foundations of a variety of educational experiences including ecotourism, permaculture, housing, and sustainable development that forms the longevity lifestyle learning lab! Come and see!

our big Why

Concerned citizens of the universe know that if we don’t join forces starting now, we will be thrown for a radical loop within the next decade. So, we are gathering input from our community on how to live, work, and play sustainably! Join us for conversations, collaboration, and opportunities to contribute. Together we can make a difference.

About Us

Annie Hansen and Veronica Anderson are two bad-@ss chicks on a mission to change the world. Leading a team of visionary changemakers, they are united by a love for Costa Rica, good design, and sustainability as well as a passion for using architecture, permaculture, functional medicine, and more to create a world that works for everyone.

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