Pre-Designed and Easily editable website

Save time, money and effort. Get your own, unique and professionally designed website. No coding and no stress!

This is what you will receive with any of our
Pre-designed WordPress Websites

20$ monthly for maintenance (updates, plug-ins, security)


We set up the right price for a professionally designed website. Start with the basic package and add more to it as your needs increase.

Your easy to use WordPress site

Your own professional WordPress website without the stress and pain of editing, maintaining and updating one

Just too easy to edit!

Your own personal and easily editable website. No coding, designing, or setting up your website. Just drag and drop images and text!

SEO - Friendly

You will have no difficulties optimizing your pages with all the latest SEO tools and trainings.!

SSL Certificate included

All IN2 Pre-designs come with a SSL Certificate. These are usually expensive but necessary to ensure online security

Integrated Social Media Links

You will be able to effortlessly link to all the popular social media platforms and easily add or update call to actions (contact email, telephone,..)

What other services do we offer to help you excel?

Everything you need to get the most out of your online presence


Our Facebook and linkedin groups are about giving and sharing. A place where we support each other.

Tech Assistance

We are here to help you with technical issues you might encounter. Our team has extensive technical knowledge


Learn how to create a winning website by following our in-depth articles and resources.

Secure Hosting

We use premium servers with the fastest load times to ensure your website is safe, secure and as fast as possible.

Daily Backups

Even though it’s highly unlikely but if your website gets attacked we will have a backup that is as recent as a few hours ago.

Software updates

Updated software is essential to your website performance. By updating regularly you will have additional security.